Your airport taxi is part of your whole holiday


Even if we are not the location of your holidays, nor the way you go there, we take part of a crucial moment. Your holiday can be planned on a tight Schedule and we know it’s important for us not to delay your transfer. The role of an airport taxi is to pick you up from the airport as soon as you land, and to take you to your camping safely. At Perpignan Airport Transfers, we make a point of not losing time and not making you lose any.

Airport taxi

If all goes as planned, our moment together is a small part of your time. If something goes wrong, it becomes a nightmare for you and it may have conséquences. That’s why, despite of our low prices, we offer high-range services. We are on time, in order for you to arrive as planned at your camping. We also use well-equiped vehicles for you to feel good in it. By doing all of this, it allows us to offer a trip you’ll be happy to remember.

Taxi holidays Perpignan

We also think it’s even more important to take care of you when you take your flight back. Your airport taxi has to be on time because if it’s not, you’ll sure miss your flight. It has never happened with our clients. We care of your time and money. So we don’t want you to be stuck at the airport just because you were late. With our services, you’ll be on time and it won’t be stressful, because we will organise it well.

The only thing that has to be done on your side is to stick to the time noted in your booking. We take care of everything else, so you don’t have to be worried. We want you to travel in your airport taxi in the best conditions.