You can budget your taxi and save money

Budget a taxi | Airport Transfers Perpignan

You have to control every expense when you’re planning your trip, because of the number of things you have to book and pay for. It begins even before planning the things you are going to do during your holiday. When you’ve chosen your flight and your camping, you have to budget a taxi from the airport to your camping.

As your flight and the location you are staying in can be expansive, Perpignan Airport Transfers want you to save money in the process. That’s why we offer lower prices than the other companies in the area.

Transfers low cost from Perpignan Airport

For example, if you want to book and budget a taxi between Perpignan Airport and the Camping “La Sirène”, the fee is 65€ if you travel with us. It is all included, wifi, drinks, and luggage. The prices displayed by other companies in the area area for this exact trip is between 116 and 120€. These are by the two other main companies, respectively Suntransfers and Airport Taxis. Even if you travel with us on a sunday, you’ll pay only 85€ for this trip.

Budget a taxi

t goes the same for your trip between the same airport and the camping “La Chapelle”. We ask 65€ for this one, from monday to saturday, and 85€ on sundays. You’ll have to pay more than 120€ to travel between this two locations with other companies. They’ll also charge more than 120€ for a trip between Perpignan airport to the Valmarie camping, a trip we only charge 75€. And even for a shorter transfer, you can budget a taxi with us and make a lot of savings. If you go to the Brasilia camping, it’s 45€ with us and 55€ on sundays. With Suntransfers, you would pay a 89€ transfer fee, and a 95€ fee with Airport Taxis.

These are examples of the money you can save for a one way airport transfer, and imagine how much you can save when you budget a taxi with return or when you make a custom booking. You could end up with a customised, all inclusive taxi. And it would be cheaper than a non customised trip with another taxi company.