Choose a high-end taxi to make your transfer


No matter how long your flight have been, we know you only want to rest when your plane lands. Flying to your holiday destination is always tiring, because plane seats are narrow and not really comfy. To prevent your airport transfer to make you walk or ride on a tiresome bus, we have the solution. We only select high-end cars, in order to offer a high-end taxi service. The result is a comfy trip to your camping, instead of a transfer from which you’ll end up tired.

High-end taxi

All our vehicles are 7-seaters, in order to offer a lot of room. Our fleet includes different carmakers, and all are high-end. We use Volkswagen Caravelle, Ford Tourneo Custom, and a Mercedes V-Class will soon join the fleet. The Caravelle is the ideal shuttle and it has become the standard for passenger transport. It can adapt to a wide range of requirements, as fixing luggage and seating child securely.

Perpignan transfer

The Ford Tourneo Custom is well-adapted if you carry a lot of luggage, thanks to its modular rear seats. It allows us not to charge any additional fee for extra luggage. The Mercedes V-Class will set a new standard in terms of comfort. It represents the very best in transport vehicles with exceptional finishes and high-quality materials. It also has electric doors on both sides.

All our vehicles have leather seats and multi-zone conditioning. We want every one of our passengers to feel good in our cars, for which seats and air temperature are crucial. All the services we offer are available in every high-end taxi we have. The three different models have an onboard unlimited wifi access, if you need to check anything. And of course, we store fresh bottled water in every vehicle, and we can easily provide up to seven people. Once again, we want all our travellers to feel safe, comfy and rested in our taxis.