An effortless taxi booking equals easier vacations

It takes nothing more than a few clicks ! A lot of websites advertise their product this way, but it’s never been as true as it is on ours. We are aware that a holiday makes you book a lot of things. From the flight to the camping, you have to sort a lot of things out. Every booking includes a lot of details to be taken care of, should it be services, luggage size and so on. Everything takes a lot of time to be arranged and we make a point not to be part of this list for your taxi booking.

Taxi Booking Perpignan

That’s the exact reason why we’ve made our booking form the easiest and the shortest possible. We ask you a few info for your taxi booking for a trip between locations that are on our form. First, you have to choose your date and time of departure. Then, we ask for your pick-up and drop-off locations, with a list of four campings and four airports. After that, there are just blanks with personal info to be filled. We just need your name and surname, your email address and your phone number. Finally, we want to know the details of your taxi booking with us. Among them, there are the number of people travelling and the number of baby seats and booster seats. And you also have to choose if the transfer is a one way or with a return.

Airport transfers Perpignan

Once everything is completed, you receive a confirmation email for your booking, and it’s done ! The next step is the transfer itself during which our driver will take care of everything. The only thing that requires more info is a customised transfer. If you want a customised number of people or a customised location, you’ll have to email us. Give us all the info needed, those on the form plus the special ones, and we’ll come back to you.