Your Perpignan airport taxi can also be all-inclusive

Perpignan Airport Taxi

The all-inclusive is a recurring concept for travellers. The all-inclusive formula is the way to book your whole trip with one click. This search for ease is something that we want to respect for our travellers with an all-inclusive kind of service. We make sure your Perpignan airport taxi won’t give you any bad surprise once you’ve booked it. This is why we try our best to count every cost and fee in your initial booking, including all charges.

Perpignan airport taxi

We know how difficult it is to budget your whole trip and that’s why the price we display is the only price you’ll ever see. And of course, it will be the one you’ll pay from our driver when he’ll come to pick you up. As long as there are no more than seven people, there won’t be any additional charge, whatever the number. If there are children amongst the passengers, we provide booster seats for them and of course, we provide them for free.

Airport transfers from Perpignan

The idea of an all-inclusive service is to accept the fact you are not totally responsible for your arrival. It wouldn’t be fair from us not to accept late flights or delayed flights. In order not to penalize you for it, we will never charge you additional fees if your flight lands late. We’ll be happy to wait for you in your terminal as planned, whatever the delay is. You’ll meet with your Perpignan airport taxi as planned.

We also have a fleet of vehicles that allows you to take the same amount of luggage you can take in the plane. And as we always do for other extras, we won’t charge you anything else than the price of your transfer. We know some of you are travelling for many days, sometimes many weeks, in our beautiful land.t’s a normal thing to carry extra luggage or big cases. Concerning those, our policy is to accept it, whatever their size or number.